• Welcome to Ms. Bryak's full-day kindergarten website! 

    Kindergarten is a time of wonder. Our students learn to be part of our Kindergarten team! 

    Our motto is to be safe, responsible, polite and respectful of others.

    I have been in education for over 30 years. I hold a Master's Degree as a Reading Specialist. Most of my teaching has been in Kindergarten and first grades. I also served as a reading specialist in grades K-5 for ten years. 

    If you are helping your child learn ABC's and sounds, a great game is "Go Fish-Alphabet" cards.  These can be found at various stores in our area.  Children love to play this game in our classroom!  It's a fun way to learn!

    Read to your child and involve them as much as you can!  Talk about authors and illustrators.  Look at the front cover and predict what the story is about!  Do a picture walk to know what words you may find in the book!  Read the story and talk about how the characters are feeling and why.  Make connections-notice if the story reminds you of another or something in your own life.  When done reading, help your child summarize the story!

    Learning how to be a good friend is a large part of our Kindergarten experience.  We interact with our classmates and learn to show respect to all by sharing and caring.  Socialization is a major focus in Kindergarten!

    It is my great pleasure to be your child's Kindergarten teacher!!