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     a picture of the 2022-2023 skeet and Trap team



    Mr. Chuck Keisel
    Mr. Matt Brown
    Ms. Kiersten Kerr
  • We only accept new team members at the beginning of the year. We will schedule a parent meeting in September for the 2024-2025 school year.
    Idaho Fish and Game Hunters Safety Course.  You must complete this course prior to the first practice.  If needed, this course can be completed online or in person.  Proof of completion can be given to Coach Keisel or Coach Brown.
    Attend the parent/athlete meeting in September (exception for prior team members; team captains are required to attend) 

    Activate - Register My Athlete - registermyathlete.com (print the Drug Testing Consent Form, sign and return to Ms. Kerr)

    Contact Information (follow the link and fill out form)
    USAYESS.org (register your student - our team number is 461243)
    Media Consent Form: This form is required if you wish to have your name and picture/video of you posted on the team CHS webpage.
    $250 (checks made out to CHS, to Ms. Kerr or, Sell 25 Parker Toyota Tickets)
    $25 Activity Fee to Norma Alley in the office (you must pay this for each sport you participate in each year) - separate check to CHS
    $40 ASB Fee (one-time fee per year for all sports) - separate check to CHS
    $40 membership fee to USAYESS (Youth Education Shooting Sports) (www.usayess.org)
    $125 membership fee for a family membership to CDA Skeet & Trap Club
    PARKER TOYOTA TICKETS: Students are asked to sell raffle tickets to help pay for the team and travel fees of $250. Each team member will be able to sell up to 100 tickets if they like.
    NORTH IDAHO STATE FAIR: Each summer our team has an ongoing partnership with the managers of the state fair. Our team delivers packaged beverages to about 10 locations throughout the fairgrounds, utilizing a school utility vehicle.  Each of the 10 nights of the fair, our team is required to work 4 hours for a total of 40 hours.  Each night we are required to have 2-3 team members and one adult delivering beverages. For our team effort, we're paid 2000 dollars.  These funds go directly to support the team.  Team Captains are required to organize this effort and team members are expected to volunteer at least one evening of their time.  Team members that are working will receive a parking pass and free admission to the fair on the night(s) they work. This occurs during the summer break before school begins. We are mindful that some students and team members may not be available due to family commitments. However, we expect team members, if they are available, to volunteer for at least one 4-hour shift.
    VIKING AUCTION: Each March, our team coaches and parent network put together packages (groups of items) to be auctioned off to the highest bidder at the Annual Viking Auction.  We typically raise 2 to 4 thousand dollars at this event.  We ask team members, coaches and parents to put together these auction packages.  Each LIVE auction package or group of items should be worth at least 1500 dollars.  For the smaller baskets, the value should be between 3 and 500 dollars.  Creativity is essential because we want to get the highest amount possible for our team.  This can be anything from gift baskets to trips or individual items to list a few.  The packages must be approved by the auction committee no later than mid-February.
    All funds raised directly support the Skeet and Trap Club - funds are not used to support any other CHS activity or club. Expenditures of funds are coordinated by the CHS Treasury Secretary, CHS Admin and at least 2 of our 6 coaches to ensure that all funds are properly accounted for.