• National Honor Society is a student organization that...

    • Is focused on community service
    • Is composed of elite juniors and seniors who desire to better their community
    • Promotes scholarship, citizenship, leadership, and community service 


    Benefits of being a member of National Honor Society:

    • It is an outlet for creative volunteer work
    • It provides an organized way for students to give back to the community
    • NHS is a group that is nationally-recognized; colleges and universities value NHS members for their demonstration of academic and extracurricular excellence


    Requirements per year:

    • Annual dues of $20
    • 20 volunteer hours (minimum), including 5 tutoring hours - record of hours with adult signature(s) confirmation turned in by early May
    • Participation in two large projects and various smaller projects



    • Application window spans the second and third weeks of school in September
    • Applications are reviewed and new members selected by a panel of anonymous faculty members
    • Minimum requirements: junior or senior status, completed at least one semester at CHS, 3.5 cumulative GPA, demonstrated leadership, scholarship, character, and community service (please note: meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee selection)
  • Adviser:

    Brianna White




    Erika Lewis