Welcome to Coeur d'Alene High School's Music Department!

  • I am the Vocal and Guitar Director, as well as a 9th grade English teacher, here at CHS, and I love what we do here!

    A little background about myself: I am from Spokane Washington, and graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2014 with a degree in Music Education and a minor in Secondary English. My degree instrument was voice, but I have also been playing guitar for over 15 years. I also finished my Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction in 2019 from Grand Canyon University. 

    The vocal music program at Coeur d’Alene high school currently consists of two choirs: The Chamber Singers and Concert Choir. Each choir experience is unique and different with new learning challenges to encourage continued music study and growth.

    Our guitar course is for any and all students! We have 32 acoustic guitars in the classroom that students can check out, or they can use their own. This class does not require any background knowledge or skills on the guitar but is instead here to get you started. If you are a returning guitar student or one who has been playing for a while, I have an advanced track of curriculum to keep your guitar journey moving forward!

    I was trained classically, but also love teaching and singing jazz and choral arrangements, and in my free time write and play country music.


    This is currently my second year teaching 9th grade English, and I am excited to help your students become stronger in their English/Language arts skills. I also hope that it creates a passion for literature like it did for me when I was in high school.

    Teaching here has been an amazing opportunity these past 6 years, and I can see that this 7th year is going to be a great one!


    I love being a part of our Vikings family and am looking forward to the year!

    Makenzie Curtis