• Julie Powell is a National Board Certified, experienced music teacher who loves learning new things.  Her degree from the University of Idaho is in Vocal Music, K-12.  Her program at Bryan focuses on healthy and artistic singing techniques using songs in many different styles, languages, traditions and cultures.  The concerts she directs at Bryan range from a Third Grade Veterans Program, a Fourth Grade Idaho History Program, Holiday Celebrations, Kindergarten Graduations and programs about science and exploring world cultures.

    Music students at Bryan are also exposed to many different instruments, including classroom percussion instruments, African drums, xylophones, recorders for third, fourth and fifth graders, African marimbas for fourth and fifth graders, and ukuleles for fourth and fifth grades.

    Bryan's performing arts groups include a Special Chorus for third, fourth and fifth graders which meets once a week before school, and an African Marimba band which focuses on music from Zimbabwe and is open to any fourth and fifth grader who wants to come to the before-school rehearsals.

    Mrs. Powell loves music and loves kids, and feels extremely grateful to have a position teaching children what she loves in a school as terrific and community-minded as Bryan.