Woodland Middle School

Home of the Grizzlies

We invest in each student to prepare, challenge and advance well-educated, resilient and future-ready citizens.

Last Name First Name Position Location Email Phone
Bain Chris Physical Education Teacher Woodland cbain@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Barker Jennifer Physical Education Teacher Woodland jbarker@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Beardslee Anne 6Th Grade Teacher Woodland abeardslee@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Brown Corey School Counselor Woodland cobrown@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Brown Jennifer 6Th Grade Teacher Woodland jlbrown@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Bumbaugh Kirsten Bi Therapist Paraprofessional Woodland kbumbaugh@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Bunch Robert Mathematics Teacher Woodland bbunch@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Ciasullo Tony English Teacher Woodland tciasullo@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Clemans Mandie Library Manager Woodland mclemans@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Cory Patrice Building Secretary Woodland pcory@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Daddato Tammy 6Th Grade Teacher Woodland tdaddato@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Davis Erin 6Th Grade Teacher Woodland edavis@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Davis Rhonda Special Ed Paraprofessional Woodland rdavis@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Dotson Deborah Office Manager/Asst Treasurer Woodland ddotson@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Elstad Libby Special Ed Paraprofessional Woodland lelstad@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Emory Michael Science Teacher Woodland memory@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Ewing Anne Special Ed Paraprofessional Woodland aewing@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Fiscus Randall Science Teacher Woodland rfiscus@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Garamvolgyi Eva Nutrition Services Woodland egaramvolgyi@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Gittel Sherri Art Teacher Woodland sgittel@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Goggin Sandi Mathematics Teacher Woodland sgoggin@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Grant Karla Nutrition Services Woodland kgrant@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Hahn Debbi Music Teacher Woodland dhahn@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Hamilton Aleasha English Teacher Woodland aehamilton@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996
Haskin Craig Special Ed Paraprofessional Woodland chaskin@cdaschools.org 208.667.5996