Dalton Elementary


We invest in each student to prepare, challenge and advance well-educated, resilient and future-ready citizens.

Last Name First Name Position Location Email Phone
Adams Susan Special Ed Paraprofessional Dalton sadams@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Astin Wendy 2Nd Grade Teacher Dalton wastin@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Becker Cecilia Classroom Assistant Dalton cabecker@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Boutelle Carly Kindergarten Teacher Dalton cboutelle@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Cox Daniel Physical Education Teacher Dalton dcox@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Cummings Kelli Nutrition Services Dalton kcummings@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Ethington Noelle Classroom Assistant Dalton nethington@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Farrell Donna Playground Assistant Dalton dfarrell@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Fehling Lisa 2Nd Grade Teacher Dalton lfehling@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Frantzich Tami School Counselor Dalton tfrantzich@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Fuchs Sheila Library Manager Dalton sfuchs@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Gilbertson Robert Playground Assistant Dalton rgilbertson@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Gonzalez Carlos Playground Assistant Dalton cgonzalez@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Goodale Johnna 3Rd Grade Teacher Dalton jgoodale@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Gray James Elementary Principal Dalton jgray@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Gray Timothy Facility Manager Dalton tgray@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Hall Lorena Special Ed Paraprofessional Dalton lhall@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Haynes Sally School Plus Coordinator Dalton shaynes@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Hector Jennifer Classroom Assistant Dalton jhector@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Hudson Julie 4Th Grade Teacher Dalton jhudson@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Izzard Heather Special Ed Paraprofessional Dalton hizzard@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Lyman Kelly Classroom Assistant Dalton klyman@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Martin Kelley Reading Recovery Dalton klmartin@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Meade Brandi 2Nd Grade Teacher Dalton bmeade@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364
Melton Hannah School Plus Assistant Dalton hmelton@cdaschools.org 208.772.5364