•   Statement of Purpose

     Venture High School teachers and staff are committed to providing a quality educational program that will challenge all children to reach their potential.  We believe when school and parents work together, children succeed in school and throughout life. Parents play an extremely important role as their children’s first, and most influential, teacher.  Their support for their children and for the school is critical to their children’s success at every step along the way.

     To ensure that basic skills and knowledge are taught, we will hold educators accountable for effective teaching, students accountable for their learning, and encourage parental involvement in their children’s education. Through progress monitoring, we will continually assess student growth in order to provide timely and appropriate interventions and to evaluate our instruction.  Additionally, Venture teachers and staff will work collaboratively with parents and our community in the development, refinement, and evaluation of our Title I program.


      Meetings for Title I Parents

    a)    We will set up a booth at Back to School Night.  Parents will be notified of this activity a minimum of two weeks in advance. At this event, the Title I staff will describe our Title I program and requirements.  We will provide parents with a copy of our Informational Brochure as well as our Parent Involvement Policy. We will discuss parental rights and how they may be involved in the program.

    b)    In the fall, Venture High School Title Staff will conduct a Parent Planning Night. At this time we will discuss our Informational Brochure to see if there are any suggestions for improvement. The parents will plan the agenda for additional meetings throughout the year and decide what food will be served.  At this time, parents will be offered opportunities to volunteer as well as the chance to offer suggestions and discuss needs specific to our school. Parents will be notified via school newsletter and parent letter a minimum of two weeks in advance.

     c)    The Parent Involvement Policy will be distributed annually, with parents having the opportunity to suggest changes to this policy.


       Parent/School Compact

    Venture High School was approved for school-wide Title 1 status, so Parent/School Compacts are no longer necessary.  In its place, an Informational Brochure was created to give parents and the community information about the Title I Program.


      Types of Parental Involvement

    There are many ways in which parents can become involved in their children’s education at home or in the classroom.  Volunteering at school is a particularly effective method at Venture.  Teachers welcome volunteers in the classroom.

     Parents are also invited to contact our district Title I director to become involved at the district level.


      Matching Programs to the Needs of Our Community

    Each year, Venture High School will assess the needs of parents and children in this community through a variety of measures including surveys sent home to students and parents or on our website.  The information gathered through these questionnaires will be summarized and distributed to building administrators and teaching staff.  This information, along with parent input gathered during other meetings and parent-teacher conferences will be used to tailor the Title I program to meet individual family needs.


      Staff-Parent Communication

    Parents will receive timely information on their children’s progress through student-led conferences, report cards, mid-term progress reports, and teacher/administrator phone calls.  In addition, students who are regularly progress monitored by Title I staff will receive progress monitoring reports via email.  These graphs are also provided upon request, on report card, and mid-term time. 

    Student-led conferences are held during each term at Venture High School.  Conferences are scheduled during afternoon and evening times in an effort to best accommodate family schedules. 

    Parents are encouraged to take the initiative in calling their children’s teachers when they are concerned about a problem.  They may also contact the school office to arrange for a conference. 


    Parents of the Venture High School population are invited to participate on our Continuous Improvement Planning Committee as well as the District Long Range Planning Committee. They are invited to review our school data, evaluate school progress, and identify areas in need of improvement.

    This policy will be reviewed by parents of participating Title I students and will be disseminated during our Back to School Night meeting.  We welcome any suggestions you might have for the revision of this policy.


    Title 1 benefits all of our students and enhances reading programs throughout all grade levels at Venture High School
    You have the right to request information regarding the professional qualifications of your child's teachers