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         Amy Thomas                               Kat Souser                 Rhi DeGroat                 Jordan Sandberg 


    We are so honored to be teaching your children in their first year of school.  Together we will take them on a journey from preschoolers to reader, writers, and mathematicians.

    Our goal is to instill the love of learning through a variety of hands on experiences, and individualized, small and whole group activities.  Though these experiences we are able to teach independence, and most of all, the love and joy of learning.

    Here is a brief summary of some goals we will be focusing on throughout the year: 


    Reading instruction in Kindergarten focuses on the letter names and sounds, blending sounds together to create words, reading at the Kindergarten level , and story comprehension.


    Written Language:

    In writing we work on letter formation, punctuation, and  expressing ourselves using pictures, letters, and words.


    In math we focus on counting to 100, working with and demonstrating number value to 100, recognizing and writing numbers 0-20, shapes, and patterns.


    You can help your children through reading, talking, and singing with them.  The more exposure to written and spoken language, the easier it will be to gain the rhythm of our language.