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    Welcome to Kindergarten at Ramsey

    Kindergarten for many may mark the first year of formal education. Regardless of pre-school experience, what an exciting time it is in your child’s life! We welcome you to the Ramsey family.

    Kindergarten is a time for your child to become acclimated to our school culture. Learning this culture will involve following classroom expectations and routines, learning the importance of being part of a community, engaging in positive social interactions, and participating in gaining knowledge about a variety of concepts.

    Using Idaho Common Core instruction, science will be integrated across curricular areas. Lessons will teach students scientific vocabulary and allow them to engage in hands-on activities. We focus on three science themes in kindergarten:

    1.  Trees and Weather
    2.  Materials and Motion
    3.  Animals Two by Two

    Along with classroom instruction, students attend a weekly science lab. They will also attend music, art, library, and PE once per week.

    Students will learn, and/or strengthen their knowledge of letters, letter sounds, segmenting, and blending. Many will put these skills together to become readers. In kindergarten, we also love to write! Students begin with writing their name and move onto writing short narratives, opinions, and “how to” pieces of writing. In math, we focus on counting out loud to 100, learning fact fluency in addition and subtraction to 5, and thinking critically about real-world problems.

    We learn a tremendous amount in kindergarten! The connection between home and school plays a significant role in the success of your child. The most important thing you can do with your child is read together every day! We will inform you of other skills you can practice at home.

    We look forward to working together with you as a team to help your child learn and grow.