• I am so excited to be a part of the CHS team!

    I am currently teaching Math 2, Honors Math 2, and Honors Algebra 2.

    As an educator I believe…

    My job is lead the learning rather than “teach”.

    Mistakes are expected and welcome.

    ALL students are capable of achieving at high levels of mathematics.

    You have value as an individual and a learner.

    We learn best when given time to struggle productively with a concept.

    Learning requires time and active effort.

    Productive struggle takes place both individually and as a community of learners.

    Students need enough time to learn and feedback on their learning process early and often.

    Whoever is doing the reading, writing, and talking is the one doing the learning and thinking.

    When true learning is taking place a “grade” should not be the primary question.

    Please read my grading practice and policies here.

    More about me:

    - B.S. Health and Human Performance from (The University of Montana)
    - M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction (Focusing on Health Education and Mathematics) (The University of Montana)

Mr. Hanan

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