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    Hello Bryan Bear first grade families!
    I have been blessed to teach here for a few years now.  I love the first grade and all that comes with it.  In first grade we become better readers, writers, mathematicians, thinkers, citizens and much more.  The year of growth in first grade is amazing!  One of our class mindsets is, "I may not yet, but I will".  Together we will!  I value our partnership in educating your child.  You are their first and most important teacher.
    I have taught every grade level in elementary school.  I love teaching and knew from a young age that I wanted to be a teacher.  I have taught in numerous school districts in Idaho.  We love Cda and have lived here for 21 years.  My family and I love living in downtown Cda and love the beauty of northern Idaho.  I was raised in southern Idaho and we are fortunate to have my family now living here.  We also spend time with my husband's family in Lewiston.  I have a son and a daughter that both attend Lake City High School. I always look forward to introducing my students to my own kids.  My mom and dad volunteer weekly in our classroom and have been wonderful supporters!
    Ali Bershaw