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    ¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to Spanish! My classes are Semester Spanish and Yearbook.

    I'm excited to have students joining me on my Spanish learning journey. In seventh grade in rural Indiana, I was introduced to Spanish by Sra. Cuervo, a lawyer and refugee from Castro's takeover of Cuba. Languages have been my passion ever since!

    I received a B.A. in Spanish and Sociology from Taylor University and my Masters in Education from University of Idaho. Along the way I have enjoyed time in Central America, Mexico, Chile, and a week in Haiti (where I picked up "un poco" (a bit) of Creole). 

    My Spanish classes incorporate songs, TPR (Total Physical Response--sign language to help remember vocabulary), games, story-telling, and project-based learning. 

  • Mi Horario: (My Schedule)

    1a Hora: Español de Semestre (1st Period: Semester Spanish)

    2a Hora: Español de Semestre (2nd Period: Semester Spanish)

    3a Hora: Anuario (3rd Period: Yearbook)