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    Get ACTIVE with Mrs. Fisher 
    Achieving Complete Training for Individual Variation Everyday

    About me, Mrs. Fisher,  your child’s Physical Education Teacher.

    I believe that physical education presents a unique opportunity to contribute to the overall well being and development of every student. I see teaching as a vehicle for helping students develop lifetime skills and a strong knowledge base in a variety of content areas. As a physical education teacher, I believe that the most important thing I can teach future students is a love for lifetime of physical activity and wellness. With heart disease and obesity on the rise, I feel it is my responsibility to teach students how to take care of the most important place they are ever going to live—inside their own body. I believe that for a student to have a love for lifetime of activity they must know how to be a competent mover. If students are properly taught how to move I feel they will more likely engage in activities which does not limit them to just participating in sports but develop a love for movement.

    I feel that physical education is more than a time for students to play. It is an advantage for students to develop life skills in which they will be tested for the rest of their lives. Students will have many opportunities to engage with others. Many activities will encourage students in fair play during team activities. I will provide my students the best opportunity to have a love for healthy active living is to present various activities such as motor skilled development activities, low organized games, sport education model, dance, and gymnastics. My students will not be limited to just these activities but also include lifetime activities such as bike safety, skating, outdoor pursuits and much more.  Integrating active living styles and providing students with the knowledge to become competent movers and will provide them with the best chance to stay active throughout their lifetime.

    I consistently work hard to ensure that students, teachers, and parents respect physical education and its impact on their lives. Using cross curriculum connections and partnerships with the school and families I hope to make this become reality. I have develop physical education activities that support students’ core curriculum in the classroom. In this way, I will support classroom teachers to use physical activity in their curriculum. Through the sharing of ideas and knowledge, my students’ experiences are enriched in both settings. Offering students with numerous chances to move skillfully, students will see how important it is to maintain and keep a healthy lifestyle.