• Welcome to the Canfield Library and Media Center!


    I am Mrs. Wyble, and I am super happy to have you visiting our Library Page... 

    20/20 is turning out to be a fantastic year in our library!

    I am a lover of books, and a big fan of kids, so being in a school library is the perfect place for me. This will be my third year at Canfield, after coming from elementary for 16 years. Last year was another great year, and I continue to be excited to be able to be with middle schoolers... you guys are pretty great! Besides that, Canfield is a wonderful school! I hope you like it here as much as I do. :D 

    Students can visit any time their teacher gives permission, and I am open most lunches. We all really want our kids reading for fun, so I have a suggestion box where students can put in suggestions for materials they hope to get their hands on. I am hoping that the library is one of their weekly/daily visits!  

    We have many books in all different reading and maturity levels. We really need your help and input as to what is appropriate for your child. Please discuss with your child what she/he is reading.  You know better than we do what is appropriate and acceptable within your family. Your assitance is appreciated, thank you. 

    Thanks for the visit! - Mrs. Wyble