• Dawn Myers   Welcome to Studio Art Room 2

    Art is a language through which we share.

    Engage in the arts, this means taking risks so my students share their work when they choose.  So, You may need to encourage your student to share what they are working on in the art room. There are no mistakes in art if the artist adjusts well to new opportunities. Art has been my source of strength in difficult times.  I hope students find that within themselves.

    I have the opportunity to teach Introduction to Art, Photo Design Printmaking, Cultural Art, Sculpture/Pottery I, and Pottery II and III.

    Check in now and then to see current art opportunities for further exploration.


    Mrs. Dawn-Marie Myers


    BA Art Education K-12

    Studio Emphasis Ceramics Photography Printmaking Painting Sculpture

    BS Interior Design 

    Kinetic Wave Sculptures

    'Liquid Shard' art installation makes waves in Pershing Square


    Mesmerizing kinetic sculpture makes waves over Pershing Square


    Thank You Emerge for an Awesome show - May 4th 5th 2019

    Emergnce 2019