• Mrs. Reed I am so excited to be here at Atlas this year, and to get to know each and every one of you and your children!
    I will be providing exposure to a large variety of materials for our Explorers, all while encouraging positive communication! We focus on developing of our fine motor skills and art appreciation; in our community and in various cultures.
    In Art Class I individually encourage each student to Always Try!
    I like to my educational environment to be uninhibited, by providing an environment that is safe to the psychological well-being of my students. I encourage the individuals in my class to become creative and expressive artists. I remind them that sometimes the best art comes out of mistakes!
    It is very important to be responsible with the art materials while having fun and learning and being respectful to others. My grading depends on this! I also give extra points to any student that finishes a project at home and returns it completed! I am looking forward to a great year here at Atlas Elementary
    Jasmine Reed
    Art Teacher

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