Physical Education

    Campbell's Winning PE

    Clark Campbell is the Physical Education teacher at Bryan Elementary and is here on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.

    Primary grade students participate in a wide variety of lead up games and activities designed to challenge and enhance all facets of motor skill development.  The 3rd, 4th, 5th graders also participate in many games and activities to enhance their physical skills and fitness levels. Some of the instructional units include the following: Soccer, Floor Hockey, Basketball, Juggling, Volleyball, and Softball.  

    Sportsmanship, along with the consideration and respect for the feelings of others are a primary focus in all of Mr. Campbell's classes. His ultimate objective is to instill within all students the skills, attitudes, and confidence necessary to enjoy physical activities for a lifetime. In order for this to happen, he knows it is crucial for children to experience success and the joy of physical activity at an early age.


    PE Expectations

    1. Enter the gym or field quietly and orderly.
    2. Listen and follow directions.
    3. Practice good sportsmanship and fair play.
    4. Show consideration for the feelings of others.  NO "PUT DOWNS!" (Treat others the same you want to be treated.)
    5. Line up to leave the gym or field quietly and orderly.