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    The Coeur d’Alene School District is proud to offer the power of Skyward Family Access to the parents of our students. This tool links parents and schools via the Internet where you can get up-to-date attendance, current grades and assignment information from teachers’ grade books. Individual grades for each assignment in a secure and user-friendly environment are also available and parents can also easily communicate with teachers via email through Family Access.

    Signing Up for Family Access sk2

    1.    Ensure that your student’s school office has a current email address.

    2.    Request to be included to view Skyward Family Access.

    3.    You will receive login and password information via email.

    4.    Login at https://skyward.cdaschools.org

    Upon Successful Login

    1.   Upon each successful login, you will see SkyPort, which has a quick snapshot of student schedule and recent logins. a.   Click on the name of your student underlined in blue or click the Family Access button to see more information.


    Navigating the Site
    Skyward is a real-time application and data will be present for families as available from the school.
    sk4  Calendar – a view of all assignments for the month.  Clicking on assignments gives detail.
     Attendance – A visual cue as to all absences, tardies and discrepencies for three months.
     Student Information – Current demographic information that is editable by the parent.
     FoodService – See your student’s cafeteria balance, lunch menus and recent purchases.
     Gradebook – Current grades by grading period.  Clicking a grade provides detail.
     Test Scores – Scores for standardized tests such as the ISAT / IRI as well as others.
     Schedule – A current schedule including all schedule changes and emails to teachers.
     Discipline – Current discipline as well as cumulative school / district records.
     Fee Management – See current fees owed to the school and payments credited.
     Activities – Lists activities that your student is involved in as well as contact information.
     Educational Milestones – A list of nonacademic requirements met for meeting graduation requirements.
     Portfolio – Report cards, transcripts or other reports posted by the school.
     Academic History – A list of all classes and grades since the student was enrolled.
     Skylert  - Sign up for an alert for school emergency or other mass communication preferences.
     Health Information – Health conditions, vaccination records, medications and physical reports.
     Login History – A list of all times that a guardian has logged in and from what computer.

    Seeing Information for Other Family Members                                                                                  sk5

    If you have more than one family member enrolled at a school in the Coeur d’Alene School District, those students should all show under one login:

    ·      At the top of the page, use the drop down menu under “All Students” to choose your student or change schools.

    o  If one of your students is not listed, please contact your school office for an adjustment.


    Account Settings

    In the upper right corner of the screen, click on “My Account” to change your district provided login or password. Use the check boxes to subscribe to various email alerts such as for attendance and grade notifications.

    ·      Click the Apply button at the bottom of the page.


    Print Options

    Available through any menu, a screenshot of the information on that page; look for the “Print” options.

    Thank you for your being an active participant in the growth of your student and partnering with our school district to provide the highest quality of education possible.