Image of Mrs. Duncan Welcome to another exciting year in the art studio. In art this year, we will explore a variety of media, artists, and art styles. The art studio will off of the philosophy that the student is the artist! My hope is that students will create artwork that is meaningful to them as individuals.

    What do artists do? The child is the artist.The art room is their studio.
    TAB- Teaching for Artistic Behavior.
     Instead of teaching learners to follow step-by-step directions to create art, the students will
    explore their own ideas and responsible for the process and problem solving required to see their idea through to an original work of art.
    Some things your child will learn in the TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) studio include:
    - Critical thinking and problem solving
    - Creativity and innovation
    - Communication and collaboration
    - Initiative and self-direction
    - Leadership and responsibility
    - Studio Habits of Mind (how to think and act like artists)