• clarissa
    It has been my pleasure to be in the CDA School District for 20 + years.  The last several years have been in the first grade. I enjoy first graders because they are like budding plants ready to soak up the sunshine.  My students come in as young 6 year olds and we go through a yearlong journey of gaining skills in the academics, social, and emotional aspects of their time with me. 
    My husband Mark and I are experiencing being empty nesters.  Our daughter Hailey attends Florida A&M Law School in Orlando, FL.  She is in her first year.  Sydney is a senior attending Portland State University majoring in Accounting.  Both girls are products of our wonderful CDA School District.  Mark and I are active in sports.  
    I attended University of Idaho as an undergrad and Master of Education student, and continue with education classes  through the university.