• clarissa
    It has been my pleasure to be in the CDA School District for 20 + years.  The last several years have been in the first grade. I enjoy first graders because they are like budding plants ready to soak up the sunshine.  My students come in as young 6 year olds and we go through a yearlong journey of gaining skills in the academics, social, and emotional aspects of their time with me. 
    My home life includes an active family.  Sydney is a dual-enrolled junior at Lake City High School who is a tennis player, and Hailey is a sophomore with a softball scholarship at Daytona State College in Florida.  My husband Mark plays golf, tennis, and hockey yearlong. My sport is mainly any exercise, and being a tennis partner to family members.
    I am Ramsey’s coordinator of the classroom and individual science fairs.  The fairs are held in January and March.  For me, this is a year long process of teaching the science fair process as we explore science studies in our classroom.  Did you know that the drone (male) bee sits in the hive and waits for the worker (female) bee to clean for him and bring him his food? Did I mention all day?  We make science fun at Ramsey! 
    I attended University of Idaho as an undergrad and Master of Education student, and continue with education classes  through the university.