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    Sheila Fuchs. Library Manager
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    I get to spend time with some pretty marvelous kids during my work week, and last week we spent our time talking about about the meaning of community as well as introducing our brand new books.  One definition of community that rings true in Coeur d' Alene  is "a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals."  It means the world to our kids here at Dalton that people they have never met, or even seen, care enough about them and their education to hold fundraisers that, in turn, allow me to purchase books that they help choose.  Besides having the BEST job ever, my heart is full in knowing that our community is behind our future leaders 100%!  

    Mrs. Fuchs

    Hello friends!  My name is Sheila Fuchs and I am proud to say that this will be my twelfth year as a Dalton Dragon!  I worked at Dalton as a paraprofessional for seven years before accepting my dream job of librarian!  I have been married to my husband, Andrew, for twenty-two years and we have two kids, Zachary (20) and Matthew (17), who both graduated from Dalton.  I'm originally from Lewiston, but after meeting my pilot husband, we have lived in Arizona and Hawaii, Hawaii being where Andrew was born and raised.  We were on Oahu living in Mililani for ten years when we made the decision to be closer to family and decided on Coeur d' Alene.  My biological family is living elsewhere, but my heart family is right here at Dalton.  I LOVE to be surrounded by the staff and children here, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

     Normally each week students visit the library with their class for forty-five minutes.  Because of these unprecedented times with Covid in our world, I will be coming into classrooms for library, instead of them coming to the library. At that time, guidance is given to our Dalton students as to reading selections and reading level appropriateness, but we do need your help.  Our school's library books come in a variety of interests and maturity levels to meet the needs of all Dalton students.  Please talk with your children about the books they are reading to ensure the content is appropriate for their reading level.  Everyone here at Dalton is excited to foster a love of reading in every student.  
    One of the most important duties that I perform is developing and maintaining our library's collection.  It's important to keep the collection in good condition, up-to-date, and as intact as possible.  Accomplishing these things is a process and one that is never finished.  I am always on the lookout for areas of our collection that need updating or weeding based on the academic needs and pleasure-reading wants of our ravenous readers!  We are fortunate to have Book Fairs each year that our PTA volunteers help me run.  The Book Fair's success  depends largely upon volunteers to help, but it is a labor of love!  This year the Book Fair .  I encourage everyone to come check it out, as the profit goes towards purchasing new books for our library.  The coin drive is another great way to raise funds for the Dalton library.  Your student will come home with a Ziplock bag with instructions stapled to it.  We collect dimes on Oct. 10th (10-10), Quarters on Nov. 10th (end of the first quarter), Pennies on Feb. 8th (100th day of school), and Nickels on May 5th (5-5).
    All summer, I have been eagerly looking forward to seeing all of the new and returning students and their families.  I welcome anyone who would like to volunteer any amount of time that they may have as there is always something to do in the library.  Please feel free to contact me, or come and visit!
    Sheila Fuchs
    Library Manager