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    Hello, I am Mr. Odenthal.  This is my 24th year teaching in the CDA District.  I have taught here at Woodland for the past 22 years.  I also coach Track and Cross Country.  I am married to Leslie who teaches LA at Canfield Middle School.  I have 3 children, Brooke (16), Luke (13), and Beck (8).  We enjoy all kinds of activities in the outdoors.  
    8th Grade Social Studies is a class that will learn about early United States History. We will start by reviewing the exploration and colonization periods. Then we will turn our focus to the Revolutionary War, founding of American government, and the birth of our nation. Later in the year we will explore how America's boundries were expanded through Manifest Destiny. Finally, we will learn about the impacts of slavery and the great American Civil War period that almost tore our country apart. I am looking forward to an exciting and fun year ahead! Mr. O 

    How to access work for my class

    All assignments, handouts, study guides, videos, presentations and any other class resources are available on my Schoology site.

    In order for students to access this, they will recieve a code the first day or two of school for my class.  They will go to google classroom and sign into google with their accounts (graduation year,first initial and last name @students.cdaschools.org)  ie.  22codenthal@students.cdaschools.org.  Then their password which is Pw and six digit id number. ie. Pw123456.  If they have been in this district this is already something they know how to access.