• Image of Ms. McGrath Welcome to 6th Grade Science! Hi, my name is Kathy McGrath. I am a sixth grade science teacher at Woodland Middle School. This is my ninth year teaching at WMS and my eigth year teaching science, but I have taught for the district for 16+ years, and have spent all of those years at the middle school level. I am extremely passionate about science and feel so lucky to get to teach something I absolutely love!

    In my free time I love doing things in the beautiful outdoors: hiking, biking, kayaking, gardening, etc. I am also a bit of a music nerd and love listening to and dancing to great music. I also love reading, watching a good movie and sharing a lot of laughs with my friends (and students).

    I know this school year is going to be quite a bit different from years past - I mean I have never worn a mask to school before...even on Halloween! I know getting to know a new school and new teachers can be already be stressful for many of you. I also know that learning a new school program and balancing both in person and online classes can create a lot of stress as well (believe me, I know!) I have no doubt that we will have other challenges and changes that we will also have to tackle as the school year goes on. Although it may be stressful at times, we are in this together and we will help each other out. I fthink we will need some patience and probably need to be shown some grace, because I have NO doubt I will make mistakes and struggle, and you might too. That is okay, and we will just support each other and  share a few laughs along the way. I know this year is going to be a memorable one!