Image of Mrs. Beardslee

    Welcome to Mrs. Annie Beardslee's web page!  Science is my specialty!   Our subject matter in science first semester:  Earth's Moving Plates; Rocks and the Rock Cycle and Cycles in the Solar System.  Second Semester: Force and Motion, Energy, Simple Machines, and Resources and Conservation.

    I'm an Idaho Vandal (Go VANDALS!) and have continued my educational credits through this great university.  I've even got Vandal license plates, so go figure where my loyalty lies. 

    Labs will include: the Gum Lab, Grab Bag Lab, Cake Lab (voted #1 by kids who care!) Cookie Mining, Solar System Rescue, Straw Roller Coaster Challenge, Balloon Car, and many more. 

    I have the distinction of being one of the "roots" of Woodland:  I've been here since it opened.  And I'm not leaving!  This school is so much fun, and the educators are dedicated to the well-being and growth of your child.  

    I love the outdoors!  Fishing, hiking, boating, and gardening are some of the activities I enjoy.  I've been married to my wonderful husband, Al, for 14 years now, and have two daughters that went through Woodland.  They both turned out fabulously!

    If you have any questions, it is best to email me at abeardslee@cdaschools.org or you can leave a message. I have my email up at all times, and can quickly respond to any of your questions.  You can also call the school and leave a voice mail at 208-667-5996.