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    Hi, and welcome...  Parents, students and community.  This year is number 20 for your's truly.  Teacher-ing, was probably the least likely career choice had you asked 18 year old werner.  At 18, my goal was simply to be a "professional skier, and then fighter pilot",,, aka modern day "ski bum" skiing in the winter and living in a "van down by the river" in the summer, thank you Chris Farley. 
    We'll, it partially worked out in that I was on the US Collegiate Alpine National team (great memories) and also made a "sort of " living as an outdoor guide with ROW adventures (raft guiding) & guiding with various other companies/endeavors throughout north, central & south america.  Oh, and I did do college (somewhere in there), however, if you take my Personal Finance class, I'll sing to you the praises of the "Trades" (I think I would have made a pretty darn good electrician or HVAC tech, not easy work). 
    Anyways, a career in skiing never really materialized, mainly bc, well, I just wasn't as good as my 20 year old ego told me I was, & I shredded a ligamentint in a downhill race at Killington Vermont.  Thus, my degree from the University of Wisconsin came in handy, gifting me 8 great years as a systems analyst & software engineer in the banking & aerospace industries (yea, I nerd-ed out a bit, taking lots of math and cs (computer science) to help balance all the fun at  U Wisconsin.  Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, CitiBank, Boeing & Airbus were some of the companies I had the privilege of working for/with. 
    Being a little athletic always kept me around sports and thus coaching; Soccer Coahing, Alpine Race coaching, KiteSurf Instructing etc.  I also share the responsibility (w my wife) of attempting to coral two kids (age 4 & 5); we lucked out with a jack and a jill. 
    So long story short, someone saw me yelling at kids on a soccer field and suggested I give teaching a try.  20 years later, here I am grateful for the priviledge to be teaching preCalc and personal finance to Kootenai County's best & brightest at LCHS, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average ;)
    I love the CDA SD, Lake City High school and especially this community's young people soooo much.  I love my job as a teacher.  As I say, it beats roofing houses during a Minnesota winter.  
    cheers &
    looking forward to trying to make you think ;)
    mr werner
    Bachelors Degree, Computer Science & Business, University of Wisconsin
    Masters Degree, Education, University of Idaho
    Items needed for class
    - scientific Calculator
    - note book
    - multiple writing utensils
    - ruler
    ** good attitude & no whining **