• Joe Partington       Welcome to Lake City High School!  This year we are offering one class of Latin One (text: Latin for Americans, check
    out their website for some great cultural and language helps), two Latin Two classes and one Latin Three. These classes are on Periods A-1, A-2, and A-3.  The Latin Three class (5 students) is folded into the third period Latin Two class.  Keys to success?  Regular attendance, focus during class, having materials (text, notebook), and studying for tests.  What is the homework in Latin?  Always studying vocabulary.  Each lesson introduces 15-20 words that need to be memorized.  Students record the words in their notebooks from their texts and can study from either.  The "Latin  for Americans" website has Unit Reviews that also contain the vocabulary we are learning.  Notebooks are evaluated at the end of every unit (usually five lessons).  All students will visit our Media Center and use home resources to research cultural topics of their choice about Rome.  Oral/media presentations of their research will be part of their evaluation. "Repetitio est mater studiorum" is as true now as it was in Cicero's time (repetition is the mother of learning). Your encouragement of your son's/daughter's efforts at language acquisition will aid their success.  Studying Latin can be a great help to anyone interested in pursuing a medical or legal career.  Latin vocabulary and grammatical structure is the basis for Spanish, French and Italian.  The predictability of Latin's language patterns makes it a good opportunity for learning how to acquiire knowledge, how to study.  Contact me anytime about the progress of your student.  Let's have a great year.  jmp