• Mrs. Harmon-Reed



    This is my 18th year at Lake City High School.  I teach physical science and chemistry.  In addition, I also coach cross country and track.


    I love learning so I have taken way more classes than I ever needed for my degrees and continue to take classes (college as well as “personal growth”)just because I want to.  I obtained both my bachelors and masters degrees in education from the University of Idaho but have attended class at several colleges and had the good fortune to receive scholarships to run in college.  I am certified in both elementary and secondary education with secondary endorsements in Spanish, math, reading, and chemistry. 


    My husband, Kelly Reed, also teaches at Lake City and is a basketball and track coach.  When time allows we like to camp, hang out at the lake, and play games. In addition, I spend time volunteering for several organizations and events such as Shared Harvest Community Garden, North Idaho Violence Prevention Center, Idaho Youth Ranch, as well as multiple races in our area.


    Let’s be awesome this year!

    Heather Harmon-Reed

    “I don’t have access to a secret story. I do not know what happens outside of the story any more than anyone else does.  Stop privileging the voice of the writer: EMPOWER YOURSELF. You are the reader.  It is your story.”


    ~John Green- author, thinker

    Phone: 208-769-0769