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    About Mr. Behm: 
          I have been teaching  design, tool,machine, and building skills to students ranging in age from seven to seventy eight for about 30 years.  My belief is that all students should learn some trade skills during their High School years to improve the likelyhood of  obtaining satisfying employment right out of high school. Practicing a skill improves self confidence, makes you a valued member of your community, and pays better. Building houses helped me pay for college, helps me maintain and improve my own property, and gives me a job to fall back on if my present work comes to an end.
          I graduated from Montana State University and received my Masters degree at The University of Idaho. I enjoy the outdoors through skiing, mnt. biking, camping, river running, hiking, and hunting. I grew up the fourth boy in a family of ten athelets so I learned to work hard to hold my own and I expect my students to work hard to. Come on down to
    W-2 to see our great shop and compute CADD lab.