• Mr. Keylon Mr. Keylon
    Welcome! If you love technology and are willing to learn, you'll love my classes. This is my 23rd year teaching and my 18th year here at Lake City. I'm currently teaching Web Design/Development, Computer Science/Programming, & NIC Dual Credit Computer Applications Office Technology (CAOT) classes.
    I practically attended a new school every year growing up, including three different high schools. I later attended North Idaho College and then transferred to the University of Idaho where I received my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Education.
    I love teaching, coaching, and learning. When I'm not at school, I like to do anything with my family, watching & playing sports, going to the gym, and restoring my '73 CJ5 Jeep.


    Phone: 208.769.0769 ext 44051

    Degrees: M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction
                   B.S.Ed. Secondary Education 

    Semester 1  Semester 2
     A1 - Web Design 1  A1 - Web Design 1
     A2 - Web Design 1  A2 - Web Design 1
     A3 - Prep  A3 - Prep
     A4 - Web Design 1  A4 - Web Design 1
     B5 - Visual Basic  B5 - Visual Basic
     B6 - Web Design 2 & 3  B6 - Web Design 2 & 3
     B7 - Prep  B7 - Prep
     B8 - NIC Dual Credit CAOT  B8 - NIC Dual Credit CAOT


    "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to use the “Net” and he won’t bother you for weeks!"