cda4kidsCommunity Development Affiliates for Kids
    Monday - Thursday 3:30-5:30pm
    CDA4KIDS is an after school program that provides homework help, activities, games, enrichment, social interaction and mentoring. A snack is provided at the beginning of the program to refuel for homework. About 30 minutes is designated to the completion of homework. If a student does not have homework that day, they are expected to read, do math flashcards, play math games, or complete extra worksheets for practice. Students are expected to be responsible for their homework by having it ready to go when they come to CDA4KIDS. Your child is responsible for turning their homework in to their teacher.  CDA4Kids provides homework support and works closely with the teachers of our students.
    When our dedicated homework time is complete we have a "visitor" or "Hometown Hero" present to our students. We are privileged to have great community volunteers who share their talents, skills, hobbies and interests with our kids.  It is our hope that the presenters bring new experiences or develop upon their interests to further their growth and knowledge of the world. We welcome any volunteers who would like to be a Hometown Hero, or you may want to volunteer to help kids with their homework.
    We have opportunities for outside play, or we may play inside the gym when the weather is bad. Boy Scouts is a program we offer on a weekly basis. The boys learn skills, play games, and do activities. During this time we provide activities for the girls. We have access to the computer lab and use that to foster additional learning and growth.
    We have a very qualified staff who love working with kids! Come join us!
    *Please note: There is no CDA4KIDS program on Friday or the day before a scheduled no school day.