• Mr. Brown I am excited to be starting another year teaching 6th Grade Social Studies. Students will be learning about Ancient Civilizations. I will be teaching about mapping, prehistory,the Mosopotamians, Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans, as well as early man.
    I have been teaching 29 years at Canfield as well as 1 year in Honduras.
    My BS is in Elementary Ed. from Portland State. I am also have a BRE from Multnomah University and am also a University of Idaho alum.
    Swimming, camping and hiking are some of my hobbies. I have been married for 35 years, have 5 adult children (all college graduates), my oldest daughter just received her Phd in clinical Psychology earning the Presidents Citation which is the highest honor at SPU in Seattle, she also blessed us with our first granddaughter. We also have 1 large wild and crazy dog.

    Extra Credit! If a student is looking to go the “extra mile,” he/she may research additional information on the topic(s) we are studying in class. This may be no more than a page of information that goes beyond what we have learned in class. If it is presented to the class, more points are earned for this as it benefits everyone. Students must eliminate any zeros before attempting any extra credit. An example might be to research about the early years of Julius Caesar while we are studying Rome. Up to 20 points may be earned from a presentation, up to 15 points for a paper turned in. This may also be done using different formats such as: google slide show, mural, display, mobile, etc. This may be done at any time during the school year.


    Looking forward to a great year!