Welcome to 1st Grade!

  • Nancy Nuttelman, M.A./ED
    First Grade Teacher/Reading Specialist
    CDA Schools Elementary Educator of the Year 
    Welcome to the exciting world of 1st Grade!  Teaching is my passion and my joy!  I love the uniqueness of first grade; students come in as older Kinder Kids and leave as Second Graders.  During this transformative year they learn how to go to school, navigate their world, develop responsibility, and grow their independence.  First grade is a special age and stage where they apply "learning discourse" (academic talk.) Discourse or learning talk skills deepen the students' understanding and thinking.  We learn, notice, and name the seven thinking strategies: developing and activating schema (backgroundknowlege,) drawing inferences, creating sensory images (like making a movie in our head about the story,) asking questions, monitoring for meaning, determining importance, and synthesizing information. Throughout our days of reading, writing, math, science, and social studies our days are filled with these strategies. Students transfer these strategies across other content areas, classrooms, and at home.  We love to be life long learners!
  • Lunch and Specialist Schedules
    Monday and Wednesday lunch:
    recess 12:25-12:45
    lunch 12:45-1:05
    Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday lunch:
    recess: 12:10-12:30
    lunch: 12:30-12:50
    Specialist Schedule:
    Monday -- Library
    Tuesday -- Art
    Wednesday -- Music
    Thursday -- Tech Lab
    Friday -- PE (please bring or wear sneakers for PE) 
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  • Educational Show and Tell
    On Friday we have educational show and tell. The students 'teach' an educational fact about their show and tell. Example: This book (shows a favorite book) is the shape of a rectangle. The characters are the three bears and Goldilocks. I realize the book is fiction because bears do not live in houses and talk. I like it because this book has  beautiful watercolor illustrations.  Example: This is a (stuffed animal) bear. Bears eat fish. I like bears because they are large. Example: This is a map of the United States. My grandma lives here (points) in Arizona. It is hot in Arizona all year. I realize the habitat is called a desert.  Due to allergies pets can be shared by showing a photo and telling a fact and an opinion. Example: This is my dog. Dogs need food, water and shelter. I like my dog when she plays fetch with me. Educational show and tell is an opportunity for learning facts and opinions for writing, oral language and discourse development, speaking, asking questions, and listening--all elements of our curriculum. Practicing with your child would also assist your child as he/she learns the process of educational show and tell.
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  • Dalton Spirit Days!
    Tuesdays and Fridays are Dalton Spirit Days! The Dalton colors are green and purple. You will see many children wearing green and/or purple or a Dalton Dragons shirt on Tuesdays and Fridays.
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