Hello, my name is Heather Jensen.  Welcome to Third Grade!!  We have many exciting times ahead of us and I'm glad you and your child are along for the ride!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity of having your child in my class, and I look forward to your involvement as well.
       I started teaching at wonderful Bryan Elementary 27 years ago.  My husband, Ben and I have 3 kids. Max, Slade and Sofia were all proud Bryan Bears.  Now, two of them are in college and the third will be soon too!  Boy, how time flies.
       Teaching is more than just educating:  it is loving, caring, communicating and teaching by example.  By blending all these aspects into the educational program, a teacher can help students dream and reach those dreams.  If those dreams are to be reached, open communication must be established between parents, teachers and administrators.  Everyone needs to be invovled to help a child reach his/her dream.  I look forward to our year together. 
       Go Bryan Bears!!!

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