• Art
    Mrs.  Eggleston,  is the Art instructor at Lakes. The curriculum includes drawing, pottery, commercial art, and crafts. She also teaches a TV production class, TV271, and Yearbook. 

    Mr. Frazier  Band/Orchestra Instructor

    1. The students will meet with Mr. Frazier at the start of the 6th grade school year for an introduction to instrumental music#
    2.  After consultation with Mr.Frazier, parents and students decide on the appropriate instrument#
    3.  Attend an evening informational meeting for parents# Check with Mr. Frazier for specific time and date. Options for acquiring your instrument will be presented at that time.
    The standard band instruments for the Coeur d'Alene School District are as follows:
    Flute Trombone, Clarinet,  Tuba, Saxophone , Percussion, Trumpet
    If your instrument does not fit into our ensembles, contact Mr. Frazier for further music performance opportunities# Starting band during the end of the 6th grade school year is very difficult for the student without private instruction over the summer#
    The student must be enrolled in one of the core performing groups at Lakes to be eligible to be in jazz band# This is a policy among all secondary music programs in the Coeur d’Alene School District# The policy is designed to protect membership numbers in the core performing ensembles#



    Foreign Language
    Lakes offers Intro Spanish class to 7th and 8th grade students# 
    8th grade students will be able to earn a high school credit#


    Corey Comstock is the Health teacher for  the 7th Grade Class#
    Health education is a dynamic curriculum that allows each individual the opportunity to understand and appreciate the critical health-related issues that face our society today# Students will gain knowledge in these topics and be aware that the choices and decisions they make concerning these topics will affect their wellness throughout their lifetime#

    Physical Education

    Roy Carlson and Summer,  create a challenging physical education program for our students. Each student keeps track of their physical improvements through different physical activities and keeping a log. Students learn basic skills of different sports, plus nutrition. A great place to be to burn off energy and learn new skills


  • Creating a clay piggy bank
  • Mr. Frazier directing the orchestra
    Mr. Frazier and Orchestra