• Art
    Ms. Reed is the Art instructor at Lakes. The curriculum includes drawing, pottery, commercial art, and crafts. She also teaches Yearbook.

    Mr. Madrid  Band/Orchestra Instructor

    Band and Orchestra classes are available for all students, regardless of musical background. Learn a musical instrument, hone your skills, make wonderful music, and perform at music festivals across Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington. Classes include: 6th Grade Orchestra, Advanced Orchestra, 6th Grade Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, Advanced Band, and Jazz Band. Please visit Mr. Frazier's web-page for a full description of each course and how to get started!

    Mrs. Cunningham

    Foreign Language
    Lakes offers Intro Spanish class to 7th and 8th grade students# 
    8th grade students will be able to earn a high school credit#


    Mrs. Orchard is the Health teacher for  the 7th Grade Class#
    Health education is a dynamic curriculum that allows each individual the opportunity to understand and appreciate the critical health-related issues that face our society today# Students will gain knowledge in these topics and be aware that the choices and decisions they make concerning these topics will affect their wellness throughout their lifetime#

    Physical Education

    Roy Carlson and Summer Kaurin, create a challenging physical education program for our students. Each student keeps track of their physical improvements through different physical activities and keeping a log. Students learn basic skills of different sports, plus nutrition. A great place to be to burn off energy and learn new skills


  • Creating a clay piggy bank