• Welcome to the Advanced Learning Program (ALP) at Sorensen where we have classes in Math and Reading. I am delighted to serve as your child's teacher, facilitator, and coach. My educational passion has been to advocate for this group of students and provide a rigorous program that covers the child's core curriculum and advanced work. 

    We study Latin stems, Latin vocabulary, read several advanced novels during the year, attend the Math is Cool competition for 4th and 5th grade, celebrate PI day, and have way too much fun learning about math and reading. Your child is honored through their distinct learning style and it is my goal and passion to make sure they are recognized.  
    I have received my Masters Degree in Education with an emphasis in Gifted and Talented Education from the University of Idaho. I am actively involved in the ITAG (Idaho Talented and Gifted Association) and have attend most every Gifted and Talented Conference provided in the area!
    I am also the director for Canto de Sorensen, a choir comprised of 3rd-6th grade singers, where we learn the dynamics of singing. perform challenging and fun songs, evaluate the complexity of musical text, and providie a fun, diligent-working choir that performs at community events throughout the year.
    Working at Sorensen has provided me the opportunity to blend both of my passions; Gifted and Talented Education and Music. It's a great place to be!