• I am so happy to share this journey of learning with these third grade kids.  For those who don’t know me, I was a kindergarten teacher here at Sorensen for three years and then moved to a 3rd grade position.  This will be my twenty-fifth year of teaching, including each grade level (K-5) and teaching in CDA, Post Falls, Mexico, Indonesia, and Germany.  My husband, Scott DuCoeur, teaches kindergarten here at Sorensen and all four of our children attended elementary school here. I value the community, the engaging learning opportunities, and the high academic standards of Sorensen.
    My goal for this year is that these third graders excel and enjoy learning the 3rd-grade curriculum (and beyond), while being challenged to think critically and creatively.  At Sorensen, we also strive to create a community of trust and encouragement to spur us all to excellence.