Venture High School

Connecting School to Work

We invest in each student to prepare, challenge and advance well-educated, resilient and future-ready citizens.

Counseling Program 

Vision statement:

All students from Venture High School will be career ready and prepared for post-secondary education. Students will be successful, life long learners, and productive citizens making a positive impact in their home, workplace, and community.    

Mission Statement:

Venture High School comprehensive counseling program will Encourage all students to Engage in education to achieve their highest potential.  It will deliver data driven interventions that helps all students develop social emotional skills, academic excellence, and career paths so that they will Excel as productive members of society.  

Counselor:  Matt Flieger
Notes from the Counselor:

       ** Seniors should be finished with FAFSA.  The link is in the upper right corner.  Start by filling out the "FSA Id" on the home page, then proceed to filling out the "Start a New FAFSA".  
 ** Attendance is super important for success.  Please make appointments on Mondays when we do not have school.