• Picture of Ramsey Gymnasium
    A quality physical education program for children is much more than a bunch of activities that children enjoy for 45 minutes. A quality program of physical education has a definite purpose, has long-term goals, and is developmentally appropriate; it makes a difference for children that lasts well beyond elementary school.
    Physical education should not be recess or simply be a time to provide planning time for classroom teachers. Physical education should be an educational experience designed to provide immediate and lifelong benefits. Physical education curricula and instruction should emphasize enjoyable participation in physical activity and help students develop the knowledge, attitudes, motor skills, behavioral skills, and confidence needed to adopt and maintain physically active lifestyles. Ramsey's physical education program is unique because many science concepts and themes are incorporated into each lesson plan.  
    Ramsey's physical education program also involves community events such as the National Hoop Shoot and Jump Rope for the American Heart Association. Our 5th graders also participate in the National P.E. Challenge. You can find more information on this challenge on the P.E. Central website. In the spring we have "Run for Fun"; a lunchtime running program.
    Looking forward to a year filled with fun and fitness!!
    Mr. Blee