• Phot of Mrs. McGrath

    Ms. McGrath


    Every student visits the art room each week for a 45-minute art class. It is here that the students at Ramsey experience an art lesson/ project each week!

    Through fun lessons that build art skills, the students explore different art materials and techniques. Learning to draw will progress from identifying basic shapes in what we want to draw to later include shading, balance, and perspective. We learn about the lives and times of master artists and do artwork similar to their special paintings. Our art time also allows us to learn about the culture of people in other parts of the world as experienced through their artistic works. Art enriches the study of history as well. From cave paintings, the first recorded history, to paintings of events of centuries ago. A picture, painting, sculpture, or craft has much to tell us.

    Please remember that every piece of your child's artwork is their own masterpiece. Enjoy it...share it...and proudly display it.


    Artwork has little meaning until it is shared.