• Picture of the music classroom
    In Music, your Ramsey student will be learning:

    1st grade- Using our voices correctly, following a director, preparing for a Christmas Concert. We are working for the first annual "How the Penguins Saved Christmas" I am excited to get this up and running for the first time ever. It should be cute enough to have 120 penguins in costume let alone to have them singing cute songs.

    2nd grade- 2nd graders Have a concert entitled "Whether the Weather" So we'll be studying the weather and singing about it as well. This supports the classroom curriculum studies of weather and the water cycle as well. This year we'll be following up on last year's skills and developing fine motor skills to play the ukeleles.

    3rd grade- 3rd graders have the honor of singing at our veterans day concert which will take place in November. They'll be furthering their skills with the ukulele, utilizing xylophones to play songs, and learning to read music with the recorder this year.

    4th grade- The fourth graders are working on recorders as a tie-in from last year. It's an excellent way for the kids to learn to play an instrument as well as to read music. We also do a Lewis and Clark play which functions as the yearly concert as well. It is a great way to tie into the classroom Idaho history curriculum. Your child may want to audition for one of the spoken parts in the play so keep your ears open for news of these auditions. All students will participate in the play regardless of spoken parts as it is our yearly concert. The students will utilize all of their skills to begin to play the guitar this year.

    5th grade- The fifth graders are utilizing prior learning to read music, sing music, and play music on percussion instruments. This has included reading quarter, eighth, half, and whole notes, as well as their matching, rests. Students must also be able to read note names in order to play them on xylophones. In addition to all of this students are also working with guitars for 35- minutes weekly. Many students are making amazing progress. I hope you will see some of this excitement at home too!