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    Engaging potential. Inspiring Futures 

    People are most successful when they have the opportunity to explore their interests and skills early on in life. By partnering with K-12 educators in your community, you can help today’s students gain exposure to careers, develop employability skills, and build tomorrow’s talent pool.

    Career Matchmaker & My Skills

    District partners will be paired with students based on careers that match your interests, skills, learning style and abilities/capabilities using tools in Xello - our college and career preparedness software. In that system, our students will find one-click access to hundreds of up-to-date, detailed occupational profiles designed to bring the real world into the classroom and inspire imaginations. Profiles include real-life job descriptions, interviews, typical working conditions, required education and training, expected earnings, plus links to related occupations and other useful resources specially chosen to encourage further investigation. 

    Promote Your Organization

    Increase your organization’s visibility and help students discover the career paths you support with a modern and engaging profile

    Share Your Expertise

    Connect with students looking to learn more about your organization or industry, and support their career exploration efforts by sharing your experiences.

    Offer Workplace-Learning Opportunities

    Expose students to in-demand occupations and help bridge the skills gap by offering real-world experiences and hands-on training.


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