• Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA) is a state-sponsored, accredited, online school created to provide students with greater access to a wide variety of courses taught by highly qualified faculty.

    IDLA works in partnership with Idaho school districts to offer online courses to students. This increases access and equity for students statewide.

    In order to sign up for an IDLA course, students must be enrolled with the local school and have completed all necessary prerequisites for the class prior to enrollment. To enroll in an IDLA course, students must first meet with their counselor to determine if they qualify for this option. Parent approval is also required.

    Credit for an IDLA course is granted through the local school of any grade and credits students earned. These grades and credits will be part of a student’s official transcript.

    Fees are $75 per class payable online to IDLA after registration, prior to the start of class. If a student is enrolled as a full time student at the local school, the student may be eligibe to use Advanced Opportunities funds to pay for the course as an overload credit. If a student fails to pass an IDLA course which is funded by Advanced Opportunities funds, the student will not have access to additional Advanced Opportunities funds for IDLA courses until an additional IDLA course has been successfully passed.

    To determine if online learning is right for you, please take a moment to review the information in these slides. 

    click here to learn more about the expectations of taking an online class with IDLA

    For additional information and a list of available classes and session dates, please see assigned Counselor or the College and Career Coordinator. 

  • IDLA Course Dates

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    Summer 2021 

    Early Term: June 7-Aug 20, 2021

    Late Term: June 21-Sept 3, 2021

    Flex Term: June 7-Aug 20, 2021

    Registration open now