• content knowledge




    Our Students Will Be: 
    ● Persistent
    ● Academically Prepared
    ● Financially Responsible

    Content Knowledge

    As students go through our schools, a wide variety of content standards are taught at each grade level on subjects ranging from reading and writing, to science, mathematics, and social studies. In addition to state and national standards, our district has specific requirements for personal finance including filing a tax return, applying for scholarships, managing credit scores, and analyzing a mortgage. Study and executive skills are explicitly taught at multiple grade levels, including organizing, planning, time management, putting aside digital distractions and self monitoring.

    Real-World Connection
    Whatever their future career may be, students are expected to have a broad range of foundational knowledge and skills to include a connection to real world problems and initiatives.

    How it Looks in the Classroom
    Students have the opportunity to learn with and from other students and be able to direct their own learning while engaging in activities authentic to the subject or discipline. For example, student learning experiences in science classes emulate the work of real scientists solving real problems.


    “Sometimes I feel teachers are teaching us to remember but not to think.” High School Student 2019 Curriculum Audit


    82% of employers said they need strong content knowledge in a 2019 national survey. Source: Job Outlook 2019, National Association of Colleges and Employers