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    Our Students Will Be:

    ● Resourceful
    ● Collaborative
    ● Flexible


    Collaboration is the practice of working together to achieve a common goal. The Coeur d’Alene community recognizes that its graduates will need to work with other people for the rest of their lives. Careers and jobs require employees to collaborate to address problems and create solutions. Graduates will someday work with colleagues, customers or clients who hold different perspectives, opinions, and mindsets. Collaboration in school and at work demands patience, understanding, and self-awareness.

    Real World Connection
    It is important for students to take responsibility for themselves by listening with empathy and understanding. Students need to develop the ability to effectively communicate, problem-solve, and collaborate both face to face and virtually.

    How it Looks in the Classroom
    Learning conditions must include ample opportunities for students to work in cooperation with one another to research challenges, share ideas, deliberate to find solutions, share responsibilities, and practice thoughtful discourse. Students share responsibility and value the contributions of others, give and receive quality feedback, and develop partnerships within a team.


    “We don’t have enough time to interact with other students. We work alone in a lot of classes, but need to work in pairs or small groups so we can learn to work together.” High School Student 2019 CDA Curriculum Audit


    44% of executives said a lack of soft skills was the biggest proficiency gap in the U.S. workforce. Source: Feffer, SHRM; April 2016