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    Our Students Will Be:

    ● Accountable And Responsible
    ● Self-aware And Resilient
    ● Empathetic And Compassionate


    Character Education is the teaching of skills and dispositions necessary for successful citizenship, such as compassion, honesty, emotional control, responsibility, and community involvement. The Coeur d’Alene School District has developed educational principles that guide its efforts to grow and nurture students’ integrity while expanding students’ academic skills. Creating strong citizens requires the development of academic, emotional, relational and physical aspects of all students. Our commitment to these skills and dispositions is the foundation of support and learning for all students.

    Real World Connection
    Teaching and reinforcing core values like respect, responsibility for self and others, and civic virtue produces graduates equipped with attitudes and actions that are the hallmark of safe, healthy and informed communities.

    How it Looks in the Classroom
    While engaging academic content, students also experience multiple opportunities to learn, discuss and enact positive social behaviors through relationships, leadership, problem solving, planning and organization,self-awareness, and emotional regulation.


    “I want to be engaged in my learning.  Engagement looks like a relationship with the teacher and group conversations, not lecture every day...I like the interactive classes most.” High School Student 2019 Curriculum Audit


    73% of Employers want Employees to have

    1) Strong work ethic – 73%

    2) Dependability-73%

    3) Positive attitude – 72%

    Source: Harris Poll for Career Builder 2014