• Xello is the online program our district uses to help students connect their academic acheivements to long-term goals. Whether the student is applying to college, entering the workforce, joining the military, etc after high school, this tool is a valuable resource in career exploration and planning.  

    In classroom activities in grades 6-12, students will use the software to build self awareness by completing a variety of assessments and lessons, explore and research potential career choices, plan their high school courses, and determine next steps after high school. Students are welcome to access Xello outside of class and explore possible college and career options. 

    Parents are encouraged to engage in conversations with their child about their academic and career plans as their child begins exploring options. Talk with your student about the things she or he likes to do and find out about jobs that seem interesting.

    Xello also contains a resource called Coeur d'alene Connects. Through this resouce students can have a real-life learning experience by connecting with a local professional in a career field you are interested in. Connect with a Career Coach or Mentor, or ask career-related questions on a virtual message board. Browse available internships, job shadows, and other work-based learning opportunities. Search for a service learning or project-based learning opportunities.

    Below is a link to the District webpage with additional Xello information and log in instructions.


    Click here for Xello login