• Our students read in all areas of their learning. Because we understand that reading is a key to success in school, we monitor student progress using Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP™) Early Reading assessment in grades KG-03 and Advanced Learning in grades 04-05. In grades KG-03, IStation measures the skills that are most predictive of future reading success, provides a comprehensive snapshot of reading ability and engages the student with animated, game-like activities.

    IStation is a computer-adaptive assessment where students receives items based on his or her individual ability. Every item presented is based on the response to the previous item.

    The IStation reports show each student's reading progress and identify instructional needs. With the information from these reports, your student will receive individualized instruction to target those areas for improvement.

    Istation helps to identify student ability in these key areas:

    Reading Grades KG-03 (IStation Early Reading)

    • Phonological and Phonemic Awareness (rhyme; initial, middle and final sounds; segmenting and blending sounds);
    • Phonics (letter knowledge, alphabetic decoding, spelling);
    • Vocabulary (academic words in the language);
    • Comprehension (listening/language comprehension, reading comprehension); and
    • Fluency (accuracy and rate, monitoring for comprehension).

    Reading Grades 04-05

    • Word Analysis (root words, derivatives, and spelling);
    • Text Fluency (reading words quickly for meaning)
    • Vocabulary (academic words in the language); and
    • Comprehension (listening/language comprehension, reading comprehension); and

    In addition, at the conclusion of each reading assessment period, primary parents and guardians will receive a report of your child’s successes during that period.

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  • Students can access their IStation diagnostic assessments and lessons through Clever by providing their district email address and password.

  • Diagnostic Windows for 2020-2021:

    FALL: Sept. 5-30, 2023
    WINTER: Jan. 8-31, 2024
    SPRING: May 1-31, 2024

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