Lake Middle School Instrumental Music


    🍎Mr. Jonathan Madrid


    208-667-4544 Ext


    Beginning Band, Beginning Orchestra, Intermediate Band, Advanced Band, Advanced Orchestra, and Jazz Band


    Class Expectations

    Respect: Be respectful to your classmates, your teacher, and all the equipment.

    Responsible: Come to class prepared. Do what is expected of you by following school rules and class rules. Complete assignments in-person and online by due dates.   

    Ready to Learn: Come to class with a willingness to learn and to become better musicians.


    Class Rules:

    • Students will follow the School Code of Conduct
    • Students shall not damage school property or instruments ( you will be held liable)
    • Do not lose your music (originals are expensive and you will be liable)
    • If it’s not yours, DON’T TOUCH 
    • No Food or Gum
    • No outside drinks, (water is acceptable)
    • Technology is an educational resource any use outside of this is prohibited



    We will be required to submit assignments through Schoology. We will work in class to become familiar with all of the tools in Schoology.



    Daily 50%

    Homework 20%

    Quizzes/Playing Tests 15%

    Performances/Concerts 15%


    Daily In Class(50% of total grade)

    Students are expected to be in their seats with their required materials (chair, stand, instrument, music, pencil, Chromebook). Students must be in the room before the tardy bell has rung. Students will then have a grace period of 3 minutes to be in their seats ready to play or to be working on an entry task. All students should strive to contribute positively to the class and help classmates that need it.


    Homework (20% of total grade)

    Written assessments will cover the musical concepts and vocabulary learned in class. Students will be given weekly assignments.  It is the students’ responsibility to learn the information and to ask questions if they do not understand something. 


    Quizzes/Playing Tests (15% of total grade)

    Students will be quizzed on material that has been covered in class and in homework assignments. Students will be given the opportunity to re-take a quiz as needed. Students will also be given “Playing Tests.”Playing assessments will be assigned in advance in order to give students time to prepare. The purpose of these assessments is to give constructive feedback to students in a formal and documented manner. Students will either do them in person or submit them virtually.


    Performing/Concerts (15% of total Grade)

    It will be required that when a student is at home they are practicing a minimum of 45 minutes weekly. Practice forms will be required through Schoology.   



    The culmination of all the work done in class is the concert. Concerts will be announced in class, via email, and with a note sent home. These will have all of the required information needed including dress, time, and place. 

    Fall Concert: TBD

    Festival: TBD

    Spring Concert: TBD

    8th Grade Graduation: TBD