• Hello!

    As we start up with eSchool music, I know you are all coming from great music programs, and I hope your love of music continues through this year and for the rest of your life. For all eSchool music courses, whatever it says on your schedule,  I am asking you to collaborate with me to create your personal syllabus for the semester. I would like to know what your goals are and how I will help you with them. If you want to keep becoming a master at your instrument, that is great; if you want to prepare for college music theory or are thinking about writing some music yourself, then we might mix in some other targets as we go. Maybe you want to work on a secondary instrument, or create a small group with other students. We’ll make it work. But - we need a vision. 

    While we all will have slightly different goals, here are a few things you need for this year:

    Time Commitment: You should plan to create a daily routine that includes some music activity, and some part of everyone’s grade will be your journal/log on what you worked on.

    Executive Function: You need to become a self-motivated, goal-driven person. Buy yourself some inspirational cat posters! Get some sleep! Stay off Tikbookgram! There is no way for me to personally drag your vegetative body through any curriculum. Music is really fun and rewarding, and we’re not going to create unreasonable goals for ourselves, so just keep up, and communicate with me if you think we took on more than we could handle.  

    Resources: Even though we’re virtual, I am open to safely meeting with you personally or in small groups if you are comfortable with it. We have some great classy spaces in the old Hayden Schoolhouse, I’d meet at a park for a lesson, or we could arrange something else. Google Meet is our standard video interactive platform. Any large expensive instruments we will break into the high schools and steal, however, most instruments need to be purchased or rented.  I will supply much of the printed curriculum. Many of you, especially junior or seniors, might want to purchase your own material if you are able. High school vocalists and instrumentalists might consider buying themselves a good mic this year and a strong usb audio interface - it's a great long term investment, especially for scholarship auditions, creating your first album, or building your music tech chops.

    To me, technology is meaningless in itself. It's a medium with which we can connect and grow together better than we could alone, and a site of new forms of creativity. It will not save you if you don't make those connections or don't have the drive to create something for yourself. That means, if you have any questions, please get ahold of me! You could even just say hi. Stay connected, stay connected, stay connected. 


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